How Hip-Hop Are You?
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How Hip-Hop Are You?

You think you know Hip-Hop??? Well put your knowledge to the test..... radio listeners be warned....

1. How Many Pillars are there in the Culture known as Hip-Hop?
2. Which came first?
3. Where was Hip-Hop originated?
4. What year was Hip-Hop recognized by the UN as an official culture?
5. What group is considered to have released the first Rap song?
6. Who said, "Hip is to know its a form of intelligence..... Hop is a form of movement you can't observe a hop you gotta hop up and do it.... Hip-Hop is more than music.....Hip-Hop is an intelligent movement"?
7. What Rappers make up the group Black Star
8. Which of the following is not considered a part of the Hip-Hop culture?
9. Who was the first well known DJ?
10. Who hold the world record for longest freestyle rap?