How well do you know your 80's Movies?

See a list of my favorite 80's Movies and tell me which ones you remember. Answer YES if you remember the movie title. Answer NO if you don't remember the movie title. No Cheating! Be Honest! Have fun!

1 The Accused
2 Adventures in Babysitting
3 Better of Dead
4 Overboard
5 Back to School
6 Short Circuit
7 Big Trouble in Little China
8 Breakin’
9 Can’t Buy Me Love
10 Critters
11 Desperately Seeking Susan
12 One Crazy Summer
13 Splash
14 Footloose
15 The Goonies
16 Harry and the Hendersons
17 Heathers
18 Howard the Duck
19 The Jewel of the Nile
20 Just One of the Guys
21 Killer Klowns from Outer Space
22 Labyrinth
23 The Legend of Billie Jean
24 The Never Ending Story
25 Romancing the Stone