Which weapon suits you the best?

When the terrorists, zombies or giant mutant crabs strike which weapon do you reach for? Find out which gun matches your attitude toward these horrible creatures by taking in this quiz! Simply click HERE>>>O

1 What is your first priority in preparation for a gunfight?
2 You wake up in the middle of the night and hear a large group of people moving outside your house jabbering in some other language. Then they start pinging rounds through your wall and smashing something against the front door. No doubt that bunch of scum that have been doing drive-by shootings while you were away. You roll out of bed and pull open the trapdoor, which leads down to your 'lead lair'. You climb down and walk to the wall adjacent to the entrance. What do you pull down from the wall?
3 How do you pass the time when you're in the mood for shooting?
4 Describe your technique in combat.
5 What accessories would come with your weapon?
6 You're living in a post-apocalyptic world. The entire area that you live in is roamed by terrorists, zombie-state humans,the odd, stray mutant crab and humans. It is 9:30pm on a Sunday night. What are you likely to be participating in?
7 What vehicle would you have stored in your garage/hangar?