True Blood :D

do you think you know everything about the people of Bon Temps :)

1 "Lets face it theres not a whole lot of knowledge in there like mice in a cage" sookie said this to which other character.
2 Tara is Sookies best friend but she is also whos cousin?
3 Sam Merlotte works with which characters?
4 V blood is used to do what for humans?
5 "You is a stupid bitch Jason Stackhouse" who said this ?
6 What 3 things does Sookie say her brother is but not a killer?
7 Lafayette gets angry when 3 rude customers suggest the burger he served has what in it ?
8 What are the names of Arlenes kids ?
9 Who is Erics maker?
10 Who is Bills maker?
11 Who is found murdered in andys car ?
12 It is found out later that Sam is a what ?
13 Bill turns Jessica into a vampire but what did he do that made him have to do it?
14 "You are a very rude young woman!" who is a rude woman according to this person?
15 why does sookie laugh when Bill tells her his name?
16 Who is accused of the murders in Bon Temps?
17 The Fellowship Of The Sun is a leauge to accomplish what ?
18 What is Sookies grandmas name ?
19 Who sings the theme song for True Blood?
20 When the ratrays are killed by a tornado according to the public what actually killed them ?
21 What happened to Sookie and Jasons parents ?
22 How many husbands has Arlene had ?
23 True Blood the drink was created by which country
24 When tara says girls only she takes sookie and which other is included in this
25 "You dont have to dance for them you just gotta feel whatever it is that your feeling" Who says this and to who did they say it to?