How Good is Your Mind?

Some tricky questions which will need some good thinking!!

1 Marathon: Tom which is in the 3rd place over takes Jack in 2nd place. In which position is now Tom?
2 Which months have 28 days?
3 Mary has 5 brothers & sisters; Tami, Temu, Timi, Tomi... who's the next one?
4 You are in a Room with 3 dwarves: Alfi 52cm, Jimmy 48.3cm and Anny 50.52cm ..Whos the longest person in th room?
5 You left the port of Venice on sailing boat St. Maria. Sailed 20 miles south, turned to course 180 deg, continued for 30min and than you met Jack Sparrow! Who is the captain of St. Maria?
6 Which is the seventh letter of the word 'The AlpHabet'
7 In a marathon if one overtakes the last person what position will he gain?