Name That Fall Out Boy Song ??

Take this quiz to figure out how much you REALLY listen to Fall Out Boy.

1 " i want to scream I LOVE YOU from the top of my lungs, but, im afraid that someone else will hear me "
2 " this has been said so any times that im not sure if it matters "
3 " Dear Gravity, You Held M down In this Starless City "
4 " Does Your Husband Kno the Way That The Sun Shines from your Wedding Ban? "
5 " You're Not The First Last, But Your Possibly The Prettiest "
6 " i Comb The Crowd and Pick You Out, My Mouth Moves Too fast For You To Figure It Out "
7 " So Kiss Me Goodbye! Honey i'm gonna Make it Alive, So Kiss Me Goodbye! i Can See The Venom in Their Eyes!! "
8 " Fly Your Cameras in The Air And Wave 'em like You Just Dont Care! "
9 " She Says She's No Good With Words But im Worse "
10 " If Home Is Where The Heart Is Then We're All Just F*cked Up "