how much do you REALLY know about Sheffield

some brain teasers for real Sheffield folk

1 where was the GOODWIN FOUNTAIN originally
2 in the mid 1700's ,sheffield saw the publication of its 1st local newspapers,what were they called
3 during ww1 scrapman tommy ward used an elephant to pull his scrap cart,what was its name
4 what was the first trophy to be won by a professional sheffield football club
5 when was the goodwin fountain originally built
6 in the 1800's sheffield produced a motor car as well as steel and cutlery what was it called
7 the canal basin in sheffield was once a hive of industry, what is the unusual name of the former warehouse at the end of the wharf
8 which dam burst to cause the ' great sheffield flood'
9 on what date did severe weather cause another sheffield flood
10 the brigantes were a northen celtic tribe ruled by a queen, they had forts at wincobank and templeborough, but what was thier queens name
11 just as rome ,sheffield is built on 7 hills true or false