Do you know shit about movie quotes?

Alright, without being a douchebag and looking everything up on google, actually use your memory and try to remember who said each line. If you don't cheat, this will be the hardest movie related quiz yo ass has taken......if you don't cheat.

1 Who said "Some mothafucka's always trying to iceskate uphill."?
2 The phrase "I'm gonna be pickin pins outta yo ass!" was derived from what film?
3 Who said "Did I just father the most insignificant asshole of the 21st century?"
4 "And everyone knows when you make an assumption, you make an ass out of you and umption." was said by whom?
5 "Now, did you bump uglies with the elephant man?" was said in what movie?
6 Who said "She's 15 years old and if you even look at her funny I'll stick an umbrella up your ass, and open it."
7 Who said "What is it with you people? If it was the basement next door I wouldn't give a shit, would I?"
8 "Am I the only asshole that thinks that's a tad bit odd?" was stated in what movie?
9 "I must say there's nothing more attractive than tainted youth." was said by whom and in what movie?
10 Who said "'Til now, it's all been fun and games. Cops and robbers, Dunkin Donuts. But you're in the shit now."
11 "I don't care how liberated this world becomes - a man will always be judged by the amount of alcohol he can consume." was said by whom?
12 Who said "Sometimes you just gotta say what the fuck, and make your move"?
13 The phrase "He could sell a ketchup popsicle to a woman in white gloves!" was stated in what film?
14 "King Kong ain't got shit on me!" was yelled by what actor?