Are you eligible for a free Xbox 360?

Find out if you have what it takes to get what you want for free, if not then dont feel too glum!

1 Do you want something for free? I mean absolutely free, not just for a small price.
2 Do you have atleast a few friends that trust you enough to consider something you are offering? Or atleast, would you be willing to hand out business cards and/or create a free website to promote something you are offering?
3 To recieve your free gadget/item you would need to join a website and give your Name & Address for delivery reasons, would you be willing to do this?
4 There are two options, Free and Paid. You will need to sign up to an offer such as joining a Lovefilm DVD Rental trial (cancellable within trial period) or others such as betting £5 on an online betting website, there are many other offers, would you be willing to do this?
5 As an addition to the previous question, to complete an offer you may have to submit your card details to a reputable company (Such as Lovefilm etc), would you be willing to do this?