The (Reverse) Psychology Quiz
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The (Reverse) Psychology Quiz

Reverse Psychology - The advocacy of one course of action in such a way as to persuade someone to take an opposite course. This Quiz uses Regular questions, Reverse Psychological questions and maybe even some Reversed Reverse Psychological questions...

1. Lets start off easy: What is: Two add Two plus Four in numbers?
2. This shouldn't be too difficult: Mr Bean, mr Bean and mR Bean all went shopping for their first Tv's, When Leaving They Put The Tv's Into A Trolley And Went Home. How many Tv's does the Bean family have?
3. How many letters are in: a letter box
4. I went out to the store and asked for some fresh "fish", I then went home and ate some fish food. What is fish made out of?
5. "I know the answer to this question, do you?" : When you say this out loud what does this mean. Are you saying 'You' know the answer or 'I' know the answer?
6. If i went to the URL I would find lots of useful information. If you went to the same URL what would you find?
7. If i told you to write down whatever i said followed by "Hello Goodbye Hello Goodbye Hello Goodbye." with "a brief pause" in between each word, what would you write down?
8. If you wanted to complete this all a second time, what would be the second letter of the second answer? Regardless of it being correct or incorrect.