A quiz about pennies!

A simple quiz about the most abundant coin, the penny!

1 How many pennies are there in a £/$1 bag of pennies?
2 If you had 1 penny in your pocket and someone handed you another 1 penny, how many pennies away from £/$1 would you be?
3 If i purchased the domain name : www.whatiwantforfree.info for 94 pennies for 1 year, how many pennies would it cost for 3 years?
4 On day one you have 1 penny, that penny doubled to 2 pennies on day two and doubled every day for 10 days, how many pennies would you have at the end of the 10 days?
5 How many pennies do penny sweets cost per sweet?
6 What is the value of 1 penny in your currency?
7 If you had one penny how many pennies would you have?
8 What is a penny?