How Evil Are You?

Are ya evil? Are ya just SEETHING with evil? I personally hope not, but here's a quiz to see how evil ya are!

1 Do you try to be nice to people?
2 Do you try to be intelligent when dealing with people?
3 Do you respect disbabled people?
4 When you don't care about things, do you choose to not care or are you unable to care?
5 Do you think you're open-minded?
6 Do you try to enjoy life?
7 Do you try your best to love those who love you?
8 Do you try to take responsibility for your actions?
9 Do you respect the ideas of other people?
10 Do people call you racist?
11 How large is your sexual appetite?
12 Do you like fighting people?
13 What do you desire most?
14 Do you love someone(s)?
15 Do you think you're a good person?
16 Do you think this quiz will give an accurate value of how good or bad you are?