How well do you know Claudia costa?

This quiz is about me?

1 What is Claudia's middle name?
2 Who is Claudia's favorite singer?
3 Which one of Claudia's friends hate Italians the most?
4 What is Claudia's favorite sport?
5 What soccer team does Claudia go for?
6 What phrase does Claudia hate the most?
7 Favorite person out of these people
8 What does Claudia always say?
9 Finish this sentence... ' Claudia is ....
10 Who is Claudia in love with?
11 When is Claudia's Birthday?
12 What does Claudia want to be when she is older?
13 What does Claudia hate about life?
14 What does Claudia love about life?
15 Does Claudia like the school she is at? and why?
16 What is Claudia's favorite place to go?
17 What is Claudia always in the mood for?
18 What is Claudia's favorite number? and why?
19 What is Claudia's favorite band?
20 did you enjoy Claudia's quiz? and why?