What kind of car singer are you?

Can you finish the lyrics to these popular songs? You'll be surprised how many you don't really know!

1 I know you've _______________________ it got you feeling like this can't be right.
2 Cause__________________ got that water made for drinking up ,Baby if I drown tonight it's all worth it for you I don't need no rescue.
3 Keep rockin and keep knockin________________________ You see the hate that they serving on a plater So what we gon have dessert or disaster?
4 You look so dumb right now _____________________ so ugly when you cry please, just cut it out
5 eah boy you like that (oohh) ________________________ Yeah boy you love it When my booty goes boom boom boom boom boom boom (oooohhh}
6 Stay down. (We're almost to the very best part) Stay down. (You'll always be the pride in my heart) Stay down. _____________________ Stay down. (Yeah, we gotta lot of work)
7 If I were a boy I think I could understand How ___________________________________man.