How well do you know Manchester United

Exactly what the title suggests

1 Where does Manchester United play its home games?
2 When did Alex Ferguson become the manager?
3 Who are the most recent 4 number sevens?
4 What were the first colors of Man U?
5 When did Man U last win the UEFA Champions League?
6 Who did Man U face in the last Champions League Final?
7 How much did Man U pay for Michael Owen
8 Who is the all time lead scorer for Man U?
9 How many times has Man U won the Champions League?
10 In the 2008 Champions League final who score? (not including pks)
11 How many times has Man U won the Premiere League title?
12 What are Man U's two main sponsors?
13 Before AIG who sponsored Man U?
14 How many people were killed in the Busby babes incident?
15 Where did Ronaldo go?
16 How much was he sold for?
17 What is the nickname for Man U?
18 Who owns the club?
19 Who has the most appearances for Man U?
20 What was "Ronaldos year"?
21 In what year did Ronaldo recieve the Ballon d'or, European golden shoe, UEFA club footballer of the year, and Fifa world player of the year awards
22 Is Man U better than Chelsea?
23 Is Old Trafford a turf field?
24 How many goals did Ronaldo score for Manchester United?