How well do you know me, the Cheesman?

Answer questions about me to see how well you think you know me!

1 My middle name is...
2 Which of the following will I not eat?
3 What do i most often call my cat, percy?
4 Which of the following pisses me off the most?
5 What is my favorite color?
6 Which is my favorite food?
7 What is my favorite metal?
8 Which was my best subject in high school?
9 What is my favorite time of the day?
10 What color are my eyes?
11 Where do I consider my hometown to be?
12 Who stole my spoon in 2006?
13 Of the following, which am I allergic to?
14 What was my fisrt car?
15 What is my Astrological sign? ( no cheating!)
16 How many siblings do I have? (not including me)
17 Who does "librarians gone wild" refer to?
18 What is my favorite band?
19 Am I Masculine?
20 I used to play which intruments?
21 Be happy....