How well do you know me, the Cheesman?
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How well do you know me, the Cheesman?

Answer questions about me to see how well you think you know me!

1. My middle name is...
2. Which of the following will I not eat?
3. What do i most often call my cat, percy?
4. Which of the following pisses me off the most?
5. What is my favorite color?
6. Which is my favorite food?
7. What is my favorite metal?
8. Which was my best subject in high school?
9. What is my favorite time of the day?
10. What color are my eyes?
11. Where do I consider my hometown to be?
12. Who stole my spoon in 2006?
13. Of the following, which am I allergic to?
14. What was my fisrt car?
15. What is my Astrological sign? ( no cheating!)
16. How many siblings do I have? (not including me)
17. Who does "librarians gone wild" refer to?
18. What is my favorite band?
19. Am I Masculine?
20. I used to play which intruments?
21. Be happy....