How well do you know Code Geass?

Based on the Anime, Hangyaku no Lelouch ( Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion), this quiz will test you on how well you know your Geass! There are 20 Questions and only a true Code Geass fan that knows a decent amount of Geass Info can get 100% GOOD LUCK!

1 What does the word "Geass" mean?
2 What are "Humanoid Autonomous Armored Knights"?
3 What is the Super-Conductor in the world of Code Geass?
4 What is Suzaku Kururugi's 1st Knightmare Frame Called?
5 What is the name of the Knightmare that Kallen and Zero stole?
6 What was the name of the Sky Fortress that Schnizel El Britannia order the Toromo Agency in Cambodia to create for him?
7 What is Zero's TRUE Identity (To the Truest of the truest of true identity who is under the mask)?
8 What is the 1st Knightmare that Kallen uses?
9 What is the 1st Knightmare Zero (Lelouch) uses?
10 What is the name of the Knight Giga Fortress that was given to Jerimiah Gottwald?
11 Who does Euphimia Li Britannia Love?
12 What are the Ashford Academy Student Council Member's names?
13 What is the acronym of the calander? [Like our Modern B.C. (Before Christ)]
14 What is C.C.'s real name?
15 When did Britannia defeat Japan, place a colony on it, and change the name of the country to Area 11?(The end of the Second Pacific War)
16 What episode was the Guren Mk-II introduced?
17 When was the Guren Mk-II upgraded into the Guren Flight-Enabled Version?
18 When was the Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. 's FIRST appearance?
19 What episode did the Z-01 Lancelot Albion first used?
20 What episode did the Z-01 Lancelot Albion and the Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. battle each other in?