How nerdy are you?

Take this quiz to find out how big of a nerd you are. Are you a super nerd with trekky knowledge, 4 computers and no social life or are you just bubble gum pop cut out?

1 I like __________ most out of these shows.
2 The first time I had sex I was in my _______
3 The number one wish of a nerd is
4 My favorite subject in school was
5 You know your chilld is a future nerd if they are reading
6 ax^2+bx+c=0 is what equation?
7 I spend ___________ hours on my computer.
8 My idea of a good movie is ____________
9 My favorite activity to do in my freetime is ____________________
10 My favorite out of these characters is __________________
11 I would prefer to listen to ____________
12 The novel I have read the most on this list is _________________
13 The captains of the various Enterprises are
14 The oldest comic book character based on publication date is
15 Captain America's origin is
16 The Justice League was found when
17 Which TV series has at least 4 Phds on it's staff?