Are a best friend.
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Are a best friend.

Are you a best friend? This quiz will tell you if you are a true friend?

1. If your friend was running from the FBI would you
2. If your friend just got dumped by the guy you had the bigget crush on would you
3. Your friend needs twenty doller more to pay for sergery would you
4. If your friend axedently ripped her pants would you
5. If your friend was to to borrow your faviortie hoddie and axidadentaly ruined it what would you do
6. If your friend lost your ticket to your favorite consert what would you do
7. If you were to by a book that was the sequel to the book and you know she could read it faster than you would you say
8. Would you kill someone for your best freind
9. would you get your best friend any thing the wanted for christmas
10. Woul you lie for your best freind