How Much Do You KnowAbout Sports
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How Much Do You KnowAbout Sports

This is a quiz where you figure out how much you know about most common sports. (e.g., Basketball,Football,Baseball,etc..)

1. When you "bunt" a fould ball on 2 strikes it results in a/an
2. When a "interception" or a "fumble" happens on a 1/2 point conversion and returns for a touchdown how many points do they get?
3. In volleyball when the "server" steps on the boundary line while serving it is called a/an
4. In volleball a forearm hit is also known as...
5. How many innings are in baseball
6. How many hits are allowed before it hits over the net in Volleyball
7. In Volleyball, How many hits are allowed by 1 person
8. In Volleyball, the ultimate hit is called...
9. In Football, who throws the ball to the WR
10. What does NBA stand for?
11. Just for fun out of 10 sports which is ur favorite