what type of football you play???
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what type of football you play???

see what a player are you in the real world..

1. ur one on one with the goalkeeper ?You usally...
2. ur in the midfield attacking and u have the ball you
3. ur the last defender you..
4. There's a freeckick for your team you..
5. your team is winning 1-0 last minute of the game..
6. loosing 1-0 ...what u gonna do??
7. you scored a winner..
8. taking a penelty you put it ..
9. ur team is 1-1 last minute of the game attacher just jumped you to go 1 on 1 wth the goalkeeper you..?
10. favrioute Numbers
11. how many times do you play football in a week??
12. what shoes do you wear???