Who are you?
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Who are you?

this quiz will show you how self-centered and or caring some of you all are.....answer truthfuly now.

1. A homeless person comes up to you and asks for a little change. you...
2. a little girl/boy comes up to you and asks for your help. you...
3. A police officer comes up to you and says."your mom is under arrest, where is she"? you...
4. your gf/bf comes up to you and hits you for nothing, you.
5. your mom asks if you had sex. you say.
6. your friend falls off and breaks their arm. you..
7. A cop is bwing attacked by a dog. what do you do?
8. your friend gets put into a mental class for bad grades. you...
9. you go into a church with your bf/gf, what do you do?
10. you see an elder women sitting alonel and crying. you.