Which Paradise Youth Male Are You....(no leaders)

Dont you really want to know which paradise youth male you are?? hasnt it jus been bugging you, for like ever?? well find out!!! are u as dominating as james harris?? sensitive like isaiah gregoric?? as smooth as andy begley?? do u clown around like kudzai chifamba?? or do you jam hard like josh wilson?? if all else fails myb chris jackson is better option!

1 do you love dogs???why??
2 your in church and an old lady is lonely in the corner what do u do??
3 its the first day of summer, how would u spend it??
4 $20 drops from the pocket of a man walking infront of you, he doesnt notice it drop, what would you do??
5 whats the closest thing to an ideal night for you??
6 if you were a superhero, what superpower would u want??
7 If you were guaranteed honest responses to any three questions, whom would you question?
8 if God said to you, you need to go to Stanford University straight after high school what would u do/say??
9 its 6am, a friend of yours has a sporting championship on at 8am. what do u think is the best thing to do to encourage them before the event??
10 whats your favourite type of music??
11 favourite food??
12 favourite sport??
13 what would you do if you heard that TD. JAKES, BRIAN HOUSTON, BILLY GRAHAM, MICHAEL ROWAN, CHRIS HILL, and the hillsong worship team were coming to your church all at once in a month, but you couldnt go because you were terribly ill in hospital and only due out for another 3 months???
14 what would you do if your best friend was shoplifting from the local store market and you knew about it??
15 it's end of service at youth, you are ready to head out to maccas because your youth group has gone there soo much that they are holding a 1 TIME ONLY all meals free deal.. until you see a new youth member weeping at the foot of the altar, if you go to him, you'll miss out on the free maccas. what do u do??