how much do you know about pink floyd?

Think you know which ones pink? Do you know Pink floyds saucerful of secrets or are you just comfortably "dumb"? find out by taking this quiz...

1 who were the original pink floyd?
2 After Syd Barrets departure who became dominant figure and lyricist?
3 In what year did the band perform there first gig under the name 'Pink Floyd'
4 "The flutter behind you your possible pasts" is the opening line to which pink floyd song?
5 Alan's psychedelic Breakfast if a track off which of these albums?
6 what was Syd Barrets final contribution to floyds dicography?
7 Which Cartoonist did pink floyd employ for the making of the wall film and some of there album covers?
8 "A Momentary Lapse of Reason" was released after what mojor event in the bands history?
9 How many parts is the song "Another Brick in the Wall" in?
10 In the film "Another brick in the wall" who is pink?
11 The Album cover of Animals shows a pig flying over where?
12 Last question, what is the next line to this song "So, so you think you can tell"