What 'Survivalism' Character Are You?

Are you the funny one? The hero? The ass-hole? Or the damsel in distress?

1 What would you do if you woke up in a desert hole with strangers, with no memories of anything, or how you got there?
2 It's time to decide whether to stop for the night, or move on - what would you rather do?
3 It's night time at a rock formation, and everyone is settling in to rest - what are you doing?
4 Suddenly, a WOLF attacks and drags off one of your group - how do you react?
5 The group has regathered, after losing the wolf, and now you're ready to either move on, or wait for help. What do you want to do, this time?
6 After hours and hours and hours of walking, you find a motel! But it's long deserted. What do you do while you're there, before settling in?
7 You're on the road again, in the morning - eventually, you see a city in the distance. What do you think?