How well do you know Michael Jackson?

Do you like Michael Jackson? Find out how well you know him in the new and improved "How well do you know Michael Jackson?" quiz.

1 When was he born?
2 What is his chimpanzee's name?
3 Who is a cold man?
4 How many albums has he released?
5 What are his favourite colours?
6 What disease did he say he had?
7 Who is his best friend?
8 What thing below did not happen to him in 1984 and 1985?
9 How many times has he married?
10 Billie Jean is...
11 What drink is he sponsored by?
12 What is his favourite song he wrote?
13 Is he very ticklish?
14 Who out of the following was not one of his "Special Friends"?
15 What is his favourite song he didn't sing?
16 When did he die?
17 In 1982 what movie did he write a song for?
18 What colour are his eyes?
19 What would best describe him when with children?
20 Is he awesome?