Are You Most Like a Werewolf or Vampire?
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Are You Most Like a Werewolf or Vampire?

If your interested in Twilight, this might be more for you. Take this quiz and figure out if your personality fits a werewolf better, or a vampire. By the way, this has nothing to do with Team Edward or Jacob! This is based off YOU not what you like!

1. first of all, i gotta know, team edward or jacob?
2. Your eatin doritos and you friend steals the bag, what do you do?
3. You fall in love with somebody your not sure you should be with, you...
4. someone you hate has to team up with you to solve a conflict, you...
5. You gotta fight newborns, r u excited or anxious?
6. You go somewhere to eat what do u get?
7. Do you think bella's selfish?
8. Even if you promise you wont do anything reckless or stupid, would you still?