Do you have post traumatic stress disorder???

Never let go?....still wake up screaming in a cold sweat in the night?....are you still fighting long forgotten wars?...then take mine and Traceys quiz, only for the brave!!!

1 Your mobile phone bill seems slightly higher than normal, you think there might be a mistake at the phone companys end. Do you...?
2 Your darling offspring are playing up. Do you...
3 As you approach a Give Way junction, its your right of way. A car blatantly cuts you up. Do you...?
4 You are dining out with the love of your life, it's your aniversary and you want to impress her/him. The starter arrives, and it is cold. Do you...?
5 You arrive home from work to find someone has parked across the entrance to your you....?
6 At the supermarket, someone bangs into your ankle with their trolley. Do you...?