Who the hell is Subha Perera?
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Who the hell is Subha Perera?

You may think that you know everything that there is to know about that wonderful example of a human being that is Subha. BUT DO YOU? Do you dare to take this quiz and gauge the depths of your knowledge? Or scuttle away in eternal shame?

1. Okay, what is Subha's favourite colour?
2. What is Subha's pet, and what is that pet's name?
3. Complete this sentence: Subha loves...
4. Hard one: name Subha's homerooms from years 7-12.
5. Subha's favourite movie(s) is/are...
6. Complete this sentence: Subha dislikes...
7. What is a warticle?
8. Subha's favourite food:
9. Subha's current favourite word:
10. Subha's favourite book(s):