Who the hell is Subha Perera?

You may think that you know everything that there is to know about that wonderful example of a human being that is Subha. BUT DO YOU? Do you dare to take this quiz and gauge the depths of your knowledge? Or scuttle away in eternal shame?

1 Okay, what is Subha's favourite colour?
2 What is Subha's pet, and what is that pet's name?
3 Complete this sentence: Subha loves...
4 Hard one: name Subha's homerooms from years 7-12.
5 Subha's favourite movie(s) is/are...
6 Complete this sentence: Subha dislikes...
7 What is a warticle?
8 Subha's favourite food:
9 Subha's current favourite word:
10 Subha's favourite book(s):