How well do you know alyssa?

see how well you know me

1 what is me heritage?
2 how many brothers and sisters do i have?
3 what is my middile name?
4 do you think my parents are asian?
5 what religion am i?
6 do you think i'm a american citizen?
7 how long have i been in america?
8 am i a happy person all the time?
9 how many times have i been streaking?
10 what are my brother and sisters name?
11 what is one thing i would totally do?
12 which tv show do i hate?
13 what is my worst fear?
14 what is my style?
15 what was my first boyfriend first name?
16 how often am i on the phone?
17 what is my favorite subject?
18 what is my favorate sport?
19 what color is my room?
20 what do i want to be when i grow up?
21 what makes me angry the most?
22 what are some things i would grab if my house was on fire?
23 what kind of music do i like?
24 would i pick edward or jacob
25 what do kind of necklace do i wear around my neck most of the time?