whats your sport

this will tell u what u were meant to play or if sports are not ur thing so stop trying

1 would you consider your self fat,chunky,skinny or in shape
2 are you random
3 do girls/guys tend to want to be around you
4 green or blue
5 whats ur favorite energy drink
6 what do people think of you
7 what do you know about sports
8 how old are you
9 pick a number
10 do you think ur all that
11 are you a prep
12 do u have a nice build
13 1 2 or 3 chose one
14 do you ever dress up very nice
15 how tall are you
16 do you have a favorite sayin or quote
17 do you care about ppl
18 how many bones have you broken
19 whats your favorite music
20 whats your favorite show