Do U Know Go-Go?

Go-Go Bands And Songs

1 Who Is Known As The "Bounce Beat Kings"
2 Which Band Did Chris From T.O.B Play Wit On 10-17-09?
3 Who Wit Dat 09 Smackin Time?
4 Which Band Hit Dat "Surfin" Joint?
5 Which Band Hit Dat "So Good"?
6 Which Band Hit Dat Sexual Healing?
7 Which Band Played @ NC A&T On 10-30-09?
8 Which Band Hit Dat Toostie Roll?
9 Who Hit Dat 09 Clappin Time?
10 Which Band Says "Show Me How U Clap It" In One Ov Dey Songs?
11 Which Band Says "Clap Wit No Hands ,Clap, Clap Wit No Hands!!"
12 What Does X.I.B Stand For?