How much of a "Roberts" are you?
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How much of a "Roberts" are you?

OK family members, take this quiz and find out how much of a Roberts you truly are....

1. How many times have you had a serious fight with a family member?
2. How many physical fights have you been in, resulting in either an injury to yourself or others?
3. Do you cry at weddings?
4. Have you ever called you mom a bad name to her face?
5. Have you gone longer than 6 months without seeing members of your family that live close to you?
6. If you were at a store and someone called you an offensive name, what would you do?
7. If you won a million dollars, who would you share it with?
8. How many times have you threatened someone?
9. Have you ever lied when someone asked if you were realted to a certain person in your family?