What USA city should you live in?

Answer the questions correctly and you'll fine out what city in the USA you should live in.

1 Are you a sports Fan?
2 Do you like snow during the Holidays?
3 Do you like huge or small citys?
4 Mountains, Beach or Both?
5 Do you like better shopping or better food?
6 Do you want to live some where it's afordable?
7 Tupac or Biggie?
8 Do you enjoy the four seasons?
9 Are you conservative or liberal?
10 Not knowing anything right now, would you what to live in the west, south, east, or midwest?
11 Do you enjoy fishing?
12 If you were to pick your sole mate, do you prefer blonde or burnette?
13 If you were to order dinner, would you get seafood or steak?
14 Do you drive a truck or car?
15 Are you close to your family?