How manly are you??:)
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How manly are you??:)

This quiz shall see if you posess the true esscence of manlyness!!:) (if you are a girl you can still be manly, not in the scence that you are a man but that you contain the holy essence, its a good thing to contain this essence!!!!:)

1. Which of these people ressemble Cpt. Falcon more???
2. Which of these is the most manly event??????
3. If you met Jimmy Hendrix what would you do???
4. Which of these places would you rather live in?????
5. Who was slaughtered in the great war of face book???
6. Which of these songs do you think is the best????
7. Which of these people do you idolize the most??????
8. Do you think wearing clothes is something of the past?????