How Attractive Is Your Significant Other?
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How Attractive Is Your Significant Other?

Ever wondered how other people view your significant other(and, by association, you)? Here's a quick and easy way to find out.

1. Do people stare the two of you when you are out?
2. please state your ethnicity
3. please tell your partners ethnicity
4. is your girl more of a "well from here up or from here down she's the business" kind of girl?
5. does it look like someone parked the ugly bus on her face and then beat her?
6. there's a cat on my front porch and you all get to hear about it
7. is personal hygeine important to them?
8. do you often look for alternatives to this relationship?
9. do your friends sometimes say you can only hang out if you bring your girl?
10. if you compared your girl to a celebrity, she'd be....?
11. Am i coming off as superficial?
12. do you ever think of anyone else in bed?
13. last one, aside from her looks, does she have a serious personality flaw?