How well do you know the Grimm's fairytales?

The questions are shortened plot lines of actual fairytales of the brothers Grimm.

1 What tale do two unlikly friends save a jar of fat and one betrays the other by eating it all?
2 what tale tells of a princess locked in a towers with no doors and one window?
3 what tale do a brother and sister get lost in the woods, find a house, kill a withc and reunite with their father?
4 What tale tells of how beans got their black seem?
5 What tale does a step mother throw lentels in the fireplace and birds help the step daughter pick them out?
6 What tale does a maiden have to save her seven brothers?
7 What tale does a little girl with a colored cape stray off the pathfor flowers and a wolf beats her to her destination?
8 What tale is a princess foretold her death would be on her 16th birthday?
9 What tale is a princess forced to run, then given a staylace, a comb, and an apple?
10 What tale is a maiden made to spin hay into gold and given three chances to guess her helpers name?
11 What tale is a maiden betrothed to a murdering cannibale?
12 what tale does a tailor make a belt that reads "Seven in one blow" that is mistaken by all who read it?
13 What tale is a child raised in Heaven then forced to live on earth as a mute after opening the thirteenth door against orders?
14 What tale are three women woth funny looking body parts given a job at a king's castle making thread?
15 What tale does a doctor outwit death (the reaper) for two patients at the cost of his life
16 What tale does a man bring his wife back to life only to be betrayed by her?
17 What tale does an animal befriend another and when one is killed the other exacts a geusome revenge on the killer?
18 What tale does a woman make so many wishes that she ends up where she started?
19 What tale does an innkeeper steal items from two traveling brothers only to have them taken back by a third brother?
20 What tale is a man killed by his older brother and years later when he was discovered was able to tell his story?