How Well Do You Know Hanna Futrell?

Are you friends with Hanna Futrell? Take this quiz!

1 What's Hannas favorite color?
2 What's Hannas middle name?
3 When is Hannas birthday?
4 When was the last time you saw Hanna?
5 Hanna likes to:
6 What color are Hannas eyes?
7 If you asked Hanna about her thoughts on ninjas, she'd probably:
8 If You were hanging out with Hanna, you'd probably be:
9 What does Hanna want for her birthday every single year?
10 If you had to choose Hanna's death, what do you think she would agree with?
11 Which of these would Hanna most likley do if everyone left the world for 1 hour?
12 What kind of rap does Hanna like?
13 Which of these subjects is Hanna most intrested in?
14 What is Hannas dogs name?
15 What is Hannas favorite Beverage?