How Gullable Are You?
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How Gullable Are You?

How Gullable Are Youu? It Pretty Much Says Everything.

1. This question is here for random purposes only, this will not affect your score. So, just pick one.
2. Is gullable in the dictonary?
3. If a quiz is called a quizicle, then whats a test?
4. Jakes mum had 8 kids, january,february, march, april, may, june, july... What was the other kid called?
5. Fork + Spoon = ?
6. The answer with the more '@' will give you better results, and facebook will recognise it and put it online fo the world to see!
7. If you put bread in a toaster, what does a cow drink?
8. How do you spell ' Gulable ' Ps. I spelt it wrong.