How good is your spelling and grammar?
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How good is your spelling and grammar?

How many quizzes do you take where the thick prat that made it has never picked up a dictionary? This is for you. Fill in the blanks and see how you do.

1. By the time we got to the show, the actors were on _______ way home.
2. _________ on their way.
3. ________ is only one way to answer this.
4. ____ criminal how many times people get this wrong!!
5. ____ nicely resting in ____ resting place.
6. ________ joking, _______ you?
7. Once ________ on ________ way, ______ enjoy it.
8. "Over ______!" they cried, "______ already in ______ seats!!"
9. They ____ travelling all over the ______ in ______ yellow submarine.
10. Pick the correct sentence:
11. One more: