How well do you know me?
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How well do you know me?

Do you really know Dan McCarten? If you think you do, prove it by taking this quiz.

1. Start of easy. What's my middle name?
2. How many alarm clocks do I have?
3. I sleep...
4. What program do I use for flash animating?
5. What is my favorite subject in school?
6. What did I want to watch on TV instead of the World Series?
7. How late do I usually stay up at night? (weeknights)
8. How much time do I spend doing my hair in the morning?
9. After straining my macaroni for mac and cheese, where do I put i next?
10. At school, I'm a member of...
11. If I had one million dollars, I would...
12. My favorite number is... (yes,I have a favorite number)