do you know the lyrics?
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do you know the lyrics?

ok soo what you do is you answer some questions and answer them and at the end you will find out if you know the lyrics.

1. if your going through hell..... (hint it is a country song)
2. so I put my hands up.... (hint, it is sung by miley cyrus)
3. I know they say, you cant go home agin.. (hint country song called house that built me)
4. Lord make me a rainbow, I'll shine down on my mother... (hint recent country song by "the band perry")
5. Just when I start to think they're right, the love has died (hint country song by sugarland)
6. She grew up and she got married, naver was quite right... (hint Country song by Brooks and dunn ft. Reba
7. Did you like this quiz? (it wont effect your score)
8. Do you think your going to get 100% on this? (wont effect your score I just needed 2 last questions haha)