How well do you know music?

Do you know as much about music as you think you do?

1 Who sings the song " Prom Queen"
2 At the 2009 VMA awards who did Kanye west interrupt while getting a award?
3 Who sings the hit song called "For the love of money"
4 Whats the standard tuning for a Guitar
5 Who has won the most TC awards ever.
6 What song do these lyrics come from"You forgot that I need ya You must’ve caught amnesia"
7 What pop group of Say My Name fame got its name from the book of Isaiah
8 Who didn't appear in public for months, after the media claimed his music played a role in the Columbine
9 What city unveiled a mural of Jimi Hendrix on the building where he bought his first guitar
10 Who was the designer of Michael Jackson's Thriller jacket