How BIG Of A Twilight Fan Are You ??
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How BIG Of A Twilight Fan Are You ??

People Say Everybody loves twilight, but do u watch it for the stpry and know EVERYTHING, Watch it for the story kinda but mostly for the guys , dont even listin just watch the guys or Not even watch it! Find out in the quiz :)

1. (Easy) Where Did Bella Live Before She Moved to Forks?
2. (Easy) What Car Does Bella Drive (colour)
3. ( Easy) Whats Bellas Dads Name ?
4. ( Medium) Whats Bellas Step-Dads Name ??
5. (Medium) How Old is Bella ?
6. (Hard) When Bella was almost hit by A Car In Twilight, The boy and her went to the hospital , when he tried to say sorry to bella, what did bellas dad do?
7. (Hard) Fill In The Blank. Charlie- Bella Do You Like _________? Bella- Yea _______ Cool.
8. (Hard) When Is Eclipse Coming out ( The Movie)