Dean Haywood - The Horrible Histories! - The Quiz!

Take the quiz and see if you know Me!!

1 I have no middle name so what is my Confirmation name??
2 For those that look me in the eye, what colour is my iris?
3 I love American TV Series, but which is my favourite out of all these great ones?
4 I have a Chihuahua called Pablo, but what is my favourite pet name for him?
5 Music, just love it! Which band is my most favourite for maximum points?
6 I have 3 truly beautiful daughters, but what are their MIDDLE names..?
7 What subject am I interseted in, and read about nowadays?
8 What is my wife's most used pet name for me? (there are so many!!)
9 What is my most used pet-name for the missus?
10 What sport would I rather watch on Telly?
11 What past-time is my favourite?
12 And Finally, what is my moniker for myself, to big myself up?