stargate fan or not

are you a stargate fan

1 what is the jaffas name that joined sg-1
2 what is the jaffas catchphrase
3 what was the highest rank jack got to
4 where is the stargate
5 who controls the stargate
6 what was the first intergalactic space ship called that earth built
7 who was the first goa'uld encountered
8 who was the member of sg-1 that ascended
9 what rank was the jaffa before he joined sg-1
10 who built the stargate
11 what is a goa'uld
12 who was the first asgard encounterd
13 who is the asgards enemys
14 what was the name of the abandoned ancient city that the sgc took over
15 what is the name of the ancient ship that was abandoned then the sgc took over
16 what does sgc stand for
17 if your a true fan you will see a pattern in the answers so pick the right one
18 have you ever watched stargate