what colour best describes you?

want to find out what your true colour is? try this, it might not work im sorry but it works for me :)

1 are you popular or have some friends?
2 do you like sports?
3 are you independant?
4 do you like violence?
5 do you like annimals?
6 are you kool?
7 are you a girl or a boy? male or a female? lad or a lass? dude or a dudette? burly or cute?
8 do you like the opposite sex?
9 what do you like doing with friends?
10 what sort of music do you like
11 what shop do you like?
12 do you like im a celebrity get me outta here?
13 do you like fruit
14 do you like music
15 choose a number
16 and finally your favourite colour
17 just one more actually lol, do you like blood
18 wait and finally your favourite colour again