How Well do you know Marie Jackson??

Find out how much you know about Marie Jackson.

1 When is Marie's birthday??
2 What is one thing Marie would do that is daring??
3 If you and Marie got bored, what would Marie do if she was with you??
4 What is Marie's favorite color mostly??
5 What is Marie's favorite food??
6 What type of music does Marie like mostly??
7 What does Marie want to be when she grows up?
8 What three things do you know that Marie loves doing under fitness sport??
9 How many animals does Marie Own??
10 Were Marie's parents in the military while one of them were in desert storm war?? True or False.
11 Where was Marie born at??
12 True or False, does Marie have a brother??
13 True or False, would Marie love going Shopping with her friends or no??
14 True or False, Marie loves writing lyrics and writing short stories.
15 True or False, Marie wants to join the Air Force.