Can you survive in a battle?? And earn a badge???

Test yourself and see if can survive a battle if not you might be too weak and you would die just in five seconds.

1 You are in a battle with your troopers by you, when this totally stranger comes yelling at you in some language. And hes not even wearing the same troop outfit as you are. What do you do??
2 You are helping a trooper with his damaged from the battle, when you hear guns shooting. What is the first thing you should do??
3 You are running from the enemies and you get shot on your leg. What do you do?
4 You are searching for the enemies of the battle and notice food in a bad and you really hungry that you need the energy. What do you do??
5 Your troops are dying and you only have two left while the enemies have alot left. Meanwhile you have a canon by you with lots of ammo. What do you do??
6 This sweet old lady is walking in hunger with her baby crying that she wants to make peace dont kill her. What do you do??
7 The battle is ending, and you are raising your flag for victory. While this guy that you killed starts surrending, what do you do??