What kissing scene are you?

Find out how well you are on dates, and if you are doing the whole goodnight kiss thing right! Take this quiz and find out just how crazy you can make someone!

1 First date, where do you take your partner?
2 You are watching a scary movie and your partner leans on you and grabs your arm..you?
3 You're on the phone with your partner and they say they feel sick and can't go out..You?
4 You're in the car with your partner and they say it's cold...What do you do?
5 It's the end of your date and you two are saying Goodnight, how do you do it?
6 Who would you want to go on a date with?
7 You and your partner are home alone and cuddling on the couch, what's your next step?
8 Which is better?
9 Who do you want as you BFF?
10 What sport do you prefer?